Popular Hot Spots in South Beach Miami

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Discover the most popular hot spots in South Beach Miami so you would know the best places you must go when you got there!

If you’re not staying in south beach Miami, Florida then getting there is quick and easy with Miami’s modern bus transport. It’s a quick ride and it gives us a chance to see more on local scenery along the way as well as experiencing some of the local people.

Popular Hot Spots in South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami at night

Lincoln Road, South Beach Miami

Lincoln Road, South Beach Miami

Lincoln Road is between 16 and 17 St. and runs west to Alton Road. Lincoln Road is originally designed to upscale fashionable shopping and entertainment district. Now, it’s more of a pedestrian mall and is very popular among locals and tourist. Here you will find the best selection of eater’s range of various types of cuisine and prices. It is a great place to come and hang out and simple cocktails as watching crowds to go by.

The street is close off to traffic and you can walk in each direction in 10 blocks. Between the restaurants and café you will find theaters gallery and plenty of shopping boutiques.

Peter link Gallery

This interesting gallery contains panoramic and photographic images by world renounce photographer Peter Link.

You’ll never get bored of coming here because there is so much to see. There are areas match to help you more familiar with the places.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial, Miami

Three blocks north from Meridian Ave. to 19th St. this is one place that is not to be missed when you’re in South Miami Beach. Way back 1984, when a small group of holocaust survivors formed a committee dedicated to the memory of the 6 million Jewish victims of the holocaust. The serene and peaceful garden surround a water lily pond create a meditation.

The memorial was designed by Kenneth Treister and was dedicated an open in public in 1990, the history of holocaust will never be forgotten.

Espanola Way

It begins in Washington Avenue between 14th and 15th St. and runs about too short blocks. This historic Spanish village which is known as Espanola way was modeled after artistic and romantic Mediterranean villages in Paris and Spain. It serves as a charming place and romantic strolls, café and small shops to wonder about.

Washington Avenue, South Beach Miami

Washington Avenue, Florida

You will pass by many night clubs, lounges and attractions as well. The Mansion Night club is a popular hang out between 13th and 12th St.

The Wolfsonian Museum is located in 10th St. Admission is free every Friday from 6 to 9pm.

Our next stop is the heart of South Beach is Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive, South Beach Miami

Driving from 15th to 5th St. this is where south beach get its legendary reputation from being the number one place to come to party all over the world. It’s a colossal of café, restaurants, lounges and boutiques, a place where everyone comes to see and be seen. The place is very limited every restaurant extends its setting.

Mangoes Café in South Beach Miami

Mangoes Café in South Beach Miami

This place is one of the richest collections of Caribbean art in Miami, Florida. Prepare exotic jungle and tropical designs painted on the wall and ceiling. Also, don’t miss its sexy collaboration, they are amazing!

Clevelander Club  in South Miami Beach

Ocean drive can get crowded where there seems to be a constant flow of cars and motorbikes crossing the streets. Favorite spots in Ocean Boulevard and you can feel like a celebrity.

Versace Mansion in South Beach Miami

Versace Mansion in South Beach Miami

Check this out on 11th St. is the most photograph palace and also called Casa Casuarina as its name known.

News Café in South Miami Beach, Florida

This is located in 8th St. and is open 24 hours, a very casual café and popular for breakfast.

You may also check their glamorous boutiques and shop with their top fashionable items in Miami styles like U-rock couture.

Tourist can enjoy a safe sightseeing ride to different neighborhoods on a double decker bus. The ticket entitles you to hop on and hop off at your leisure.

After a hard day of playing on the beach stop by for happy hour for some happy fun. You can never be bored here with all the actions always going on. There are abundance of interesting people and interesting things to do here.

Nikki Beach Club

Nikki Beach Club South Miami Beach

Located south of Ocean Drive at 1st St. it’s a free public beach with luxurious restaurants and beach club. The beach club is an indoor and outdoor restaurant providing cabanas and lounge beds. This outdoor restaurant area sits before the entrance to the public white sandy beach. For the big spenders they have food and drinks services throughout the day while sulking up the white south beach sand.

Club Pearl in South Beach Miami

In the evening the party continues upstairs as the [place transforms to a hot club called pearl. This restaurant in champagne lounge opens at 11pm.

The beach here is the reason why people keep coming back. Tropical turquoise water and the constant flow of sand are the main ingredients in creating a paradise.

There’s a great way to get around south beach and avoid traffic by using deco bikes, a bicycle rental program where a network of hundred automated states throughout the area. Allows you to pick up from one location and drop off from another.

Lummus Park and Beach

Lummus Park and Beach

The opposite side of the Drive, it’s filled with palm trees and manicure lawn, quick place to ride a bike, jam, and stroll and invite your friend to play volleyball here.

South Point Park

This is a great place for families and couples for a picnic on a lawn or fishing off a pier. You can ride your bike here or go roller blading or go for a pet walk in a walking trail. There are beautiful views in the southern most point. There’s yacht and cruise ship occasionally passing through. People like to come here to use the beach which is less travel than coast of north.

Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach

You can also show off your bod to babes here, a free outdoor gym located between 6th and 9th St. also a key reminder to a wide variety of designer boutique hotel on the strip. You can enjoy the party all night long.

If you want to get away from the crowd come down at..

The best time to travel South Beach Miami is spring and fall.

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