Travel to Paris within Budget

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Travel to Paris within budget might be hard to imagine but after you read some tips on this article, you will surely can say that your budgeted bucks can roam around Paris!

Dubbed the title of City of Lights and City of Fashion, travel to Paris becomes easy when you look through the Expedia travel guides. Amazing architecture, impressive art and exotic cuisines can take your breath away, before it does travel to Paris.

A romantic boat trip on Seine or the sight of Eiffel Tower is what you need to get refreshment in a so called vacation.

Travel to Paris within Budget

travel to Paris

Getting There

Charles de Gualle International Airport is the major hub airport among the three international airports connected to Paris. Airline from UK include AirFrance, British Airways, easyJet. Easiest way from Charles de Gualle Airport to Paris is to take the RER B train. They take about 35-40 minutes and there is a gap of only 7-15 minutes between each train. Roissybus service can be the other option if not interested in train.

From Orly airport you may take the Oryval shuttle and then the train to the city. Eurostar also offers transportation from London to Paris in a convenient way.

Air France

Visa and requirements

For UK citizen, they don’t need a visa to travel to Paris; they can even stay as long as they want. As for other countries in Europe they don’t need a visa and can only travel by a passport but can live in France not more than 90 days. If you are from United States then you can visit France under the Visa Waiver Program and stay for up to 90 days for business or tourism purpose.

Tourist Visa

Getting Around in Paris

The Paris Metro is one of the best after London and New York. It connects about 300 stations and as for the ticket price you can travel the whole day but will not feel your pocket lose huge bucks. Weekly and monthly tickets also available if you are staying there for a long time. The RER trains are also very popular when going round Paris. You can use the metro tickets on these trains too and the most convenient part is that it travels around and has many stoppages at the central city area.

Paris Metro

Moreover the bus and the taxi system in Paris are also quiet convenient. You can also try out travelling through Seine on the batobus which has eight stops in all. As a matter of fact travel to Paris turns out cool and fun using the RER train and of course the metro.

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